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Midwest Wings Booster Club

Midwest Wings SC Booster Club

The Midwest Wings Booster Club was established in 2012 and became non for profit in 2013 to help the Wings families with their soccer fees, tournaments, travel, and soccer related expenses. The inspiration to establish the Booster club came when the Wings decided to take 7 teams to the International Tournament at Disney the summer of 2013.

Please register now for ONLY  $10.00.  You may register by clicking the "Register" tab above.  You have a choice to pay online there or to send a check offline to our Treasurer, Cindi K. (18503 Glen Oak Avenue, Lansing, IL 60438).  Also, if you are a member with a balance, you can take your fee out of your existing balance by simply sending Cindi a text or email.   We have a new restaurant fundraiser coming up - so don't wait any longer and let's raise some money Booster Club!

We thank our new Board Members, Marisa Williams as Vice President and Ashley Ursino as Secretary!   So all of us love to hear of ideas that work for other organizations, or simply ideas that you may see or attend.  Let us know.  Feel free to email any of us!  


Members raise money quarterly using this awesome service that is free money directly from companies when you shop online.  

Please contact Amanda and Kristin if you have questions.  

Keep using:


Fundraising Updates


We need you to use the sign-up genius and buy tickets right away!  This will be a fun night of hanging with Wings families and $32/per member for tickets and $50/per non-Member is the cost - which are both big savings!  You have an opportunity to raise money for your account by selling Non-Members tickets.  Non-Members you may join the Booster Club by paying the $10 per family annual fee and enjoy or just come along and enjoy meeting families from other teams.  Great social night out to local brewpubs!



Earned almost $400 for us!  We will continue to participate in these restaurant fundraisers.  They make us money to put on events and opportunity to split between member's accounts!  



The Midwest West Wings Booster Club will sell Bakers Square Sweet Return pie cards as a fundraiser for your booster account.  Each pie card you sell will earn you either $4.00 or $4.50. A gift card for cream or deluxe pies cost $14 and earn you $4.  A gift card for fruit pies cost $13 and you earn $4.50 for your account.  Attached is a spreadsheet you can / should use to keep track of your sales. 

All orders and money will be due to Scott Jarmula by November 1st.  Contact Scott Jarmula to make arrangements to drop off your order prior to that night.  Please pay with cash or one check made out to the Midwest wings Boosters.  If people purchase cards from you with a check, have them make the check payable to you, cash it, and make out one check for all purchases. 

Keep the top portion of the attached document for your records to distribute the cards.  Turn in the bottom portion to Scott with the money. 

Key Points:

  • Sell cards to earn money for your account
  • Cards sell for basically the same price as going to Bakers Square to buy a pie (within a dollar or so) 
  • Turn in order to Scott Jarmula on or before November 1st. 
  • Cards should be ready two weeks after the order is placed (in time for Thanksgiving).

Contact Scott Jarmula with questions:  (219)313-7054         


Soldier Field Training Dates remaining. Let us know if you are interested in training to work Soldier Field booths.  Members participate in serving at a booth during Bears games, and concerts, etc.  Please contact Marisa right away if you would like to participate.  


Amanda Hamilton Ponce de Leon


Phone: 219.218.7044

Kristin Crowley


Phone: 219.221.1763

Marisa Williams

Vice President

Phone: 708-507-8422

Ashley Ursino


Phone: (708)310-9432

Cindi Krusza


Phone: 708-668-8305